The word Yoga can be traced back to India, from the The Vedas, which are considered the most sacred and treasured texts of India. The word yoga in the vedas is being defined as “yoking”.

The word Yoga in english, means ‘unity’ as such.

I attended by no means all, but numerous yoga classes in Welwyn a few years ago and I definitely didn’t feel united. I felt like I couldn’t keep up, I felt uncomfortable in tight lycra yoga pants and actually, I felt annoyed with myself because I couldn’t achieve the postures.

I hadn’t researched into yoga at that point, there was just this apparent hype, it became fashionable to attend yoga and I felt like I was missing something……

In July 2018 I flew to Delhi, of course to visit the Taj Mahal, but then I flew to Chennai where I stay for 5 weeks to study yoga in it’s home country. It was although I experienced polar opposites, my Guru kept having to tell me to slow down…

I will now commence teaching Yoga classes on Thursday evenings 20:15-21:15 for females only and the groups will be a maximum of 4 women attending.

If you would like to find out current availability or to book onto a yoga class, please email me on