Meditation is practiced all over the world and has been for thousands of years, by all sorts of people, men and women, adults and children, for all different reasons and in all different ways….

Meditation originated in India. In sanskrit, (Mother of all Indian language) Dhyana is the 7th limb of ‘Yoga’

In order to ‘Meditate’ you need not to speak sanskrit, or be Indian, or a Hindu, or follow any faith in that matter. Any one person can practice meditation.

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Here’s an insight to my Meditation experiences..

The first time I ever consciously partook in ‘meditation’, I was 24, and I was sat on the floor, in a beautiful ocean view apartment on Scarborough Beach, in Perth in Western Australia.

I felt like up until this point, I always went through life on auto pilot, not putting much thought or consideration into things, just acting on impulse as such. With further research years on, I now understand why I did that, and it’s actually really normal, my brain hadn’t quite developed and functioned quite to  completion. On average the human brain’s journey to ‘completion’ is usually by the age of 25.

My Brazillian and Polish housemates suggested we meditate. I didn’t actually feel confident or knowledgeable in the field of Meditation, so I just felt nervous at the thought and I froze, because I didn’t know what to do and I felt worried that I wouldn’t do it right, essentially I felt scared. Again, this is really normal, because the brain’s function is to keep us safe, so we either go into ‘flight’ fight or freeze’, I did the latter.

I waited for them to make the first move and they sat on the floor cross legged, so I sat with them, I felt so nervous, because what if at the end I didn’t get enlightened or be taken to a higher consciousness, which is what my understanding of meditation was, it was something that only spiritual people did. I didn’t even know how to be spiritual.

We closed our eyes and everyone went quiet, I suppose I was waiting for God to intervene, to have this experience out of my control, I remember opening my eyes for a couple of times, and we were still in the same room, the guys next to me, so what’s happening then? Nothings happening…


Besides my polish housemate and me, the rest were Brazillian and all their friends were Brazillian, we set off 1 day to this place, which seemed like someones garden and we all wore nothing but white clothing. I couldn’t understand a word of what anyone said as it was all in Brazillian, I had no idea what we were doing there, or what we were supposed to do, but I remember when it was my turn to speak with these superiors, it was the first time i’d ever publicly asked “what is the meaning of life?”

When I next consciously meditated, I was in Bali in Indonesia. I was staying at this beautiful ocean view apartment looking out on the volcanic sand on the East of the island, a place called Amed. There was a local guy, long dreads, tattooed skin, but very calm and cool. I remember I was planning to head out that day on my moped, and I kept remembering that i’d forgotten things, I ended up running back and fourth to my apartment numerous times. On one of the times I was swiftly walking by, the guy asked me to sit beside him. I told him, i’m going out, he still insisted I sit beside him, I felt nervous to, is he going to hit on me? After a few times, I finally sat down. I felt so nervous by this point, scared I suppose, so again, I froze. We were in such close proximity, what does he want?


He asked me to give him my hand. I then felt even more nervous, how will I get away if he takes my hand? But there were people around us, so rationally I decided, surely i’m safe, so I gave him my hand, and in that moment everything changed…

so anyway, it was he who took me to meditate. We drove off on his moped, we arrived at someones house, where chickens were roaming around, I took off my shoes, and we entered a room, which was like a shrine, I sat down and in came a man, dressed head to toe in white robes and white hair and didn’t speak a word of English. I had flowers put on my head, I had rice pressed against my forehead and water delicately splashed in my face, he even touched parts of my body and moved me around a little, I had no idea what was going on.

At the end, the non english guy was saying a few things, and this guy at the beginning who was holding my hand, he was translating to me and I just remember tears falling down my face..


The above was back in 2016..

Back in England later on into 2016 I discovered something called ‘personal development’ I started to read a lot of books, listen to a lot of public speakers, tune into podcasts and watch videos on youtube and this is when I was connected back to Meditation. Online this time though, with Guided meditation, where someone would speak and talk you through your meditation. It’s very calming and nice and relaxing, different to any experience I had previously had.

In 2018 I spent some time learning and practicing ‘Yoga’ so that I could then teach others about Yoga. When I meditated in India, I was at my Guru’s home, seated bare foot on the floor, sitting on my straw weaved yoga mat. I sat cross legged, hands positioned in ‘chin mudra’ and we started by chanting (saying aloud) ‘Om’ numerous times and sat in pure silence.


In 2019 I discovered a Buddhist temple in England, we meditated sitting down and walking, both types of meditation, we just focused on consciousness (awareness in the present moment) otherwise known as ‘Mindfulness’ meditation and I was guided by a man during the meditation.

At ‘Stress Less, Relax To The Max’, we do exactly what it says on the tin. Most men and women who come to my Meditation centre are stressed out, overwhelmed by their thoughts and just want to learn ways to quite their mind. We engage in numerous different exercises as each week the theme of the workshop differs. 

So if you’d like to trial a Meditation workshop, if you feel it may benefit you and your health, simply text ‘Relax’ to 07840 131331 to claim your Complimentary “Stress Less, Relax To The Max” Meditation workshop to see if this could be the pathway, for you to endure a more relaxed lifestyle, without any financial commitment.