Stress at Work?

Are you suffering with Stress at Work?

You are not alone.

In 2016-2017 alone, 526,000 people suffered with Work Related Stress

It can sometimes feel like everyones demanding something from us, theres always something to do and we’re just constantly busy and it can feel like sometimes, when we’ve finished our working day, we get home and we’re left feeling emotionally and physically drained.

Sometimes we may feel guilty that we miss out on time with friends or family, or sometimes it can feel like since becoming a mum you’ve lost your own identity, you spend a lot of your time at work and you miss out on that ‘me time’, you may feel guilty to have it because you also have a family to think about.

We often sacrifice our health to prioritise wealth. Our career is supposed to be the means to justify the end, to provide the best for our families but it often feels like there is no end..

Sometimes it can feel like we can’t cope. Always busy, family conflicts and job security pressure, leaves us feeling worried or confused about our direction in life, wondering ”who am I?”.

No longer should we go on feeling trapped or depressed. Now’s the time to make a change.

How does Stress affect us?

  • Sleepless nights
  • Problematic skin
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Headaches,
  • Heart Problems,
  • Asthma
  • Increased consumption of Alcohol
  • Take up smoking
  • Tearful/Emotional/Sensitive
  • Eat to ‘Feel Better’
  • Lack of focus/concentration at work
  • Arguments with Partner/Children/Colleagues
  • Poor quality of work performance
  • Feeling of Exhaustion
  • and can also promote illness such as; Diabetes, Cancer, Mental Health; Anxiety, Depression, Suicide and there is robust evidence that Chronic Stress causes premature Brain Ageing.


Let us help you to…

Feel more Relaxed

Feel more Focused on the good things

Feel more Grateful for what you have

Feel more Clarity & Motivation to move forward

Feel Rested, Calm and Peaceful

Realise you have the ability to be Happy again


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These classes are set in the Green and Tranquil setting of Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire


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