Does your Anxiety ever stop you from doing things?

I remember, just before Christmas 2017, one month after I started teaching Meditation classes, I went out (on my own) with a bag full of letters, one for every single school in Welwyn Garden City..

The letter was to offer a free Relaxation Meditation session for the students and or staff at the school..

Out of the 20 odd letters I hand delivered, I received 1 email from a head teacher who wanted to meet, that was 1 year ago to this day, that I met with Mrs Wright, the head teacher of Sherrardswood School…

Since that meeting, i’ve now become a member of staff at the school, I’ve held sessions for the teachers, I hold weekly sessions for the students, I hold a weekly class for adults and I hosted Stress Less, Relax To TheMax’ 1 year birthday at the school..

So the morale of the story is this. If you have a goal that you wish to achieve, No matter how you feel in this current moment; anxious, scared, not good enough etc ..

Override those negative thoughts with a deep breathe and Reconnect to your motivation…

You can go to a “motivational seminar” get all “motivated” but when the next day comes, do you still feel motivated?

If the answer is no, my question to you is this..

..Whatever it is you want to start, whether it be working out at the gym, starting your own business, getting a new job, selling your house etc…
What is your motive to action?

What is the reason behind what you want to do? Because that is what motivation means. Motivation is internal, not external. Hence why the motivation doesn’t continue on everyday after that motivational speech.

Once you figure out your motive to action, you won’t need a motivational speaker to get you going, because you just reconnect with you own internal “motivation”

My motive to action, was that, I knew there was a need for what I offer. I was once a student in school and college, and I never knew how to deal with my bad temper/ anger/ bad attitude and despite seeing a counsellor it didn’t help..

I don’t know why we were never taught how to meditate in school.. but what I do know, is that the world of meditation is coming into schools, so never fear your competition, because

“I alone cannot help everyone, but every one of us can help someone”


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