Do you find Christmas stressful?

So here it is, the night before Christmas… Before you read this, grab yourself an egg nog, or a glass of sherry, or a good old vino and put your feet up..

One of the years occasions we spend so much time, effort, money and stress making sure Christmas is just
‘perfect’ so if that is you, this one is for you.

As you climb or fall into bed tonight, take a moment before you hit the pillow, and kiss the person next to you Goodnight, and if there’s just you (like there is just me) take a moment to breathe.

Smile for all that you have, all of your health, all of your family, all of your food, all of your warmth, all of your love.

Whatever’s missing, let it be, for everything is just the way it should be. The people in your life, the place you are at.

Christmas isn’t about pretending we’re ok, it’s about spending our time, energy and love with the ones we do still have here to hold. Let us cherish these moments that are now.

We may wish we had more, but this year, try to focus on all that you do have. No matter how big or small your house, no matter how shiny or rusty your car, no matter how many presents under the tree, no matter whether you shop at Waitrose or Lidl, let us feel the love, because although there is sadness in this world, let us focus on the abundance of goodness that surrounds us.

Let your day conclude with gratitude and let your Christmas morning rise with gratitude. Sit your children down, look your partner in the eye, look your self in the mirror and say aloud what you are grateful for.

I thank each and every one of the 1,269 people across 45 countries on this planet we call Earth, following this page, you have each played a role in the ‘Stress Less Relax To The Max’ family, and each and every one of you is a part of this family, for as long as you shall live. Let us bring love together, to rise through the hardships and to come together in times of need.

I really do wish each and every one of you all the love in this world and I wish you a peaceful, happy, healthy, prosperous Christmas and New Year.

All my love, 

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