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‘Stress Less Relax To The Max’ Mission Statement;

Embracing diversity, empowering individuality. 

Everyone deserves to be happy.  

Louise Sizeland 








Are you looking for a way to de-stress?

Whether you want to cope better when it comes to time management, Have a better night sleep, Have some ‘me time’ or Just have more control over your emotions,

Here at Stress Less, Relax To The Max we work on bringing all of the above to you…

Why try a “Stress Less Relax to the Max” Meditation session?

  • Free 1 hour trial class- no obligation to buy more classes 
  • No religious teachings- suitable for all walks of life, faiths or Atheists
  • Guided Meditations- First timer friendly
  • Class themes- Weekly theme to bring creativity
  • Learn a tool- Relax in class, but learn the tool to practice outside of a class too
  • A Confidential, safe space – No judgement or expectation, or need to discuss personal life  
  • Scientific results – With science proving the benefits of Meditation, rest assured this practice works

Click here to find out Scientifically proven Benefits of Meditation

“People seek retreats in the country, by the sea, and in the hills. But nowhere can you find a more peaceful and trouble-free spot than your own mind. Constantly give yourself this retreat and renew yourself often.” Marcus Aurelius


There are so many things that help us relax, whether its;
– Drinking a Glass of wine
– Taking a Relaxing weekend at the Spa
– A holiday on the beach
All things I love and enjoy, but not things we can always do in the moment of Stress..

In my opinion, Meditation is the most accessible Relaxation technique. It has worked the best for me in terms of being out and about and in that moment feeling Stressed/Anxious/Depressed etc, taking a deep breathe and gaining control over my emotions and quietening my mind, thinking positive thoughts and having kind self talk. I enjoy a glass of wine with dinner every now and then, and I also enjoy reading and writing and the occasional exercise class, but if i’m in the car stuck in traffic, the only accessible option is Meditation,

Whether you are on a train, an aeroplane, in the office or on the toilet, you can practice Meditation wherever you are.

Let us help you to…

Feel more Relaxed

Feel more Focused on the good things

Feel more Grateful for what you have

Feel more Clarity & Motivation to move forward

Feel Rested, Calm and Peaceful

Realise you have the ability to be Happy again


For more information;

Email- bookings@femalemeditation.com

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Established 2017

Founded by Louise Sizeland, owner of ‘Stress Less, Relax to the Max Ltd’

Company Number: 11384071